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Use predictive calculations to forecast how much your project may eventually cost. Download and install the integrated ribbon add-in to apply cost / risk management to Microsoft Projects (MS Project 2013 and above)

5-Minute Project Test

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Take this 5-minute test to determine how risky is your project. This test will identify if your project should be monitored using Crims.

Is Your Next Project too Risky?

Project Cost / Risk Identification on the Cloud

Finally, a quantifiable answer to this question! Until now, Cost / Risk Identification Systems were limited to the few largest organizations that could implement and manage one. Microsoft Project 2010 users can access Great Budget Cost /Risk Identification on the cloud. Create a project plan, and upload the XML file. The potential cost due to risk will be mailed to you. Click to learn

Your Options

For the Enterprise
Integration with project portfolio management and risk management through the entire development cycle is only part of the advantage. Build a portfolio with projects with different cost / risk strategies. Compare and contrast projects with competing resources to optimize resource allocation.

For the Professional
Scenario modeling to optimize project success. Run alternate project plans to compare the cost / risk assessments. Set milestones to compare cost and progress. Early identification of excessive cost / risk can indicate a project heading for disaster.

How Great Budget Crims Works

For the Enterprise and the Professional

Great Budget identifies low and high-risk portions of the project and allows the manager to investigate options by adding and reducing resources. Adding an expensive resource to a risky and critical component may significantly reduce the total cost of the project. Great Budget graphs and tables visually demonstrate the impact it will have over the project.